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Environmental protection is everyone's business. Each one of us, individually and together as a team, should try to protect the environment and highlight the importance of this natural wealth, which has a significant role in human health, and therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to generally try to preserve the ecosystem. The management and staff of the Kefalos Damon Hotel Apartments believe that in order to achieve excellence we must focus on both social and environmental issues of our environment. To do so we plan and execute our decisions in a holistic point of view bearing in mind that we need to sustain the environment and contribute to the society. We are committed to contribute to our company’s sustainable development and promote a balance in meeting our own needs without jeopardizing future generations’ needs.


The protection and enhancement of the natural environment is not only implemented in our personal lives but its importance is also extended and strengthened in our professional environment, where we spend too much time, and where small and large communities of people are created. Having in mind how important the protection of the environment is, and how WE all can improve and protect our environment from our position, Kefalos Damon has organized and applies environmentally friendly techniques and procedures in the areas of energy consumption, water treatment, waste management, recycling and in any other area that can protect the environment. Kefalos Damon supports the local community with any means, without affecting the quality of the services and goods that provides, in order to have a social and economic impact that will help our community to grow and be sustained in a timely manner.

Health and Safety

For Kefalos hotels, your health and safety is important and therefore we focus on providing a safe and secure environment for all our guests and employees. It is our priority to prepare and know how to act in case of an unfortunate situation and we work hard in assessing the health and safety risks that a guest might encounter and make sure to eliminate them. It is vital for us that health and safety considerations are part of our daily work in order to provide to all of our guests a well deserved relaxed and safe environment for their holiday experience.

We are determined to achieve the prevention of work-related accidents by managing the health and safety risks in the workplace. Establish and provide clear instructions, information and adequate training in order to ensure employees are competent to do their work and at the same time maintain a suitable and safe working environment and ensure the protection of all employees, guests, and the environment. We are committed in complying with all relevant legislations and regulations concerning Health and Safety and conform to their requirements. We are focused on the successful implementation of Kefalos Damon Health and Safety policy throughout our activities and continually improve our occupational health and safety system.

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